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Bulk DA/PA Checker

Since ever the IT industry has flourished, domain authority has helped for years in predicting the search engine result pages (SERPs) which was developed by Moz. It is basically a search engine ranking score which starts from 1 to 100-point logarithmic scale. The higher the score, the better will be the ranking. Now a question arises that how can one rank the score? So, it is ranked after evaluating multiple factors such as linking root domains and number of total links, into a unit domain authority. The obtained data is then used to compare different websites and to track the ranking of a given website over the passage of time. 

Moz Domain Authority

Obviously, every individual would like to increase the ranking of his or her page. When the website is new, then the scoring will start from one. Hence, sites having a good quality of external links will definitely have a good and higher scale and they will be stood higher in the domain authority scale. Just having a high score is not enough when it comes to competition. In order to compete with your competitors, you must keep an eye on your competitors’ domain authority score, and also try to stand out in the crowd by enhancing the domain authority. In order to level up the domain, you must ensure quality content so that it reaches to maximum people.  As this is not a concrete tool, but a comparative metric, so one must ensure to have powerful and strong links in their sites which means to improve SEO particularly link profile by linking it to other powerful pages. you might be wondering about domain authority ranking that how is it ranked? The answer is not as simple as it might seem. It, however, is calculated on multiple factors which are listed below:

  1. The time your website actually started working, not the time when you did its registration.
  2. The backlinks attached to it: the more the backlinks, the higher will be the ranking, however, only quality backlinks eventually lead to higher ranking. Quality is one thing that should be taken care of. 
  3. The content you are putting on your website should be of good standards with no errors and original. Plagiarism should be avoided as a prohibited deed as it could be a downfall factor. Use plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your content.
  4. The most important thing is the design that you choose for your website which should be compatible to as many gadgets as possible, so that users would be able to access the website using their smartphones, tablets, personal computers, laptops etc. 
  5. Your website should have a presence on social media platforms as facebook, Intagram and snapchat are now listed among top socializing platform.
  6. You can not deny the impact of high-quality images on users. High quality good images still have the power to increase the traffic flow towards your website.

Having said that, since DA is a comparative metric, it consists of many influencing factors which are as follow

  1. Might be the link profile of a given site is not yet been captured by the index metrics.
  2. May be the highest ranked sites have expanded exponential link growth which has twisted the total scaling system.
  3. The links attached to the given sites are not contributing in google ranking.
  4. Another reason could be the lower domain score, because website having lower DA are greatly affected by the small fluctuation.

Keeping all the above-mentioned metrics and factors in mind, we have created an online tool, Bulk DA/PA checker, which you can use for free to check the domain authority of your website. There are multiple other tools, but would one prefer it. Firstly, it is free and secondly one can the statistics for their domains in bulk.

Moz Page Authority

As we talked about domain authority which actually tells us about the overall domain’s or sub-domain’s strength of a site; similarly, page domain tells us about the strength of individual pages.  It does not depend on the number and quality of key words, but it is analysed using the data collated from web index, MozRank and MozTrust and dozen of other factors.

How google index works is beyond our comprehension, yet google panda has this ability to analyse the activities of users on your site based on their residence time and bounce rate so and so forth. The worst thing that could ever happen to PA is no visits at all which will decrease the ranking. If your page has high authority, it is not just the parameters used by the google, but also penguin and pandas that are actually related to your website. 

The toughest task now is to maintain the Domain Authority and Page Authority as it does not remain same throughout. For instance, if it had highest ranking in the last month, it is not likely that it will continue to be on a higher rank. So, you need to keep posting and updating stuff at your site. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are significant in getting higher ranking, because good error free and quality content along with good meta description and meta tags are important to get a good flow of visitors as they may attract the readers.

Although external links are the basic ways of getting good page authority, other methods which seem minor, but are actually can result in good page authorities are there and you should keep these points in mind.

Firstly, use keywords which are not too broad, neither they have struggle in a tough competition. Write a lot of content around a central idea specifying date and timings in order to get more traffic on your website.

Secondly, always put your efforts in the right direction: create content that is genuine. We all now that quality is preferred over quantity. Make your ideas understandable to the users so that they will re-visit you site again and again. In other word, deeper knowledge about the topic reflects the expertise of the creator about his/her research skills and built the trust.

Always consider the speed of your page. Imagine you have an important task which needs to be done in few hours and the condition of your website is slower than a snail. Then obviously, one won’t wait for the page to get it displayed. You would probably switch to another page, which might take less time to get loaded.

Hence, time consuming pages drop the number of visits eventually the page authority gets lowered. Moreover, title is the first thing that catches the attention of the readers. Use your hooks wisely.

Obviously, you are in competition with others, you need to study your competitors. Compare your work with theirs and then you will get the idea what needs to be improved and what should be continued. 

Moz Spam Score

Sometimes, the sites get penalized or banned by Google. The reason why are some sites banned is not because they are entirely spammy, but it reflects the total percentage of feature similarities different websites share. It is an omen that one needs to do a revision of his or her website.

Spam score basically works on machine learning model which has identified several common features among the websites which had been banned over the past few years. The spam score percentage have multiple definitions from content concerns to low authority metrics. It is not always that this score will be used to banned pages, however, it might help you in critically analysing the inbound links that are attached with your site, even you can remove them. 

Following are the spam score signals.

  • When our crawlers find the smaller number of pages, it signals to a spam. If many sites are sharing the same top-level domain (TLD) extension, it is likely that it may be used by other spam domains.
  • If the length of the name of the domain and sub-domain are similar to spam sites, then it is a spam signal.
  • Spam sites have numbers in their domain, if numerical characters are present in domain’s name  then it signals to a spam score. 
  • Google Font API and Google tag manager, phone number, email address, links to LinkdIn are mostly not found in spam sites.
  • Too short or too long meta keywords are mostly associated with spam sites. They, furthermore, have abnormal link to content ratio and the links attached to them are either more than normal or at the lowest level. Poison words such as gaming, adulting so and so forth signals to spam sites. Furthermore, spam sites also have repeated vowels or consonants, and excessive hyphens in their domain name. 

Currently, Spam score is not working on root level; it is working on sub-domains. It helps in increasing the worth of the site by increasing its authenticity and bringing in quality content. 

Bulk DA/PA checker is our one amazing online tool that you can use to check the domain authority, page authority and spam scores for your websites in bulk and the best part is it is free so you can check the statistics for your domains in bulk.